Beretta 92fs Police Special Differences

beretta 92fs police special differences

The Beretta 92FS Police Special is a variant of the standard Beretta 92FS, designed specifically for law enforcement use. Here are the key differences and features of the Beretta 92FS Police Special compared to the standard 92FS:

  1. Markings:
    • The Police Special often has unique markings or engravings indicating it is a law enforcement model. This can include a special “Police Special” stamp on the slide.
  2. Magazine:
    • The Police Special typically comes with higher capacity magazines, often holding 17 or 18 rounds compared to the standard 15-round magazines of the civilian model.
  3. Sights:
    • The Police Special might come equipped with upgraded sights, such as night sights (tritium) for improved low-light performance, which may not be standard on all civilian models.
  4. Finish:
    • The finish on the Police Special may be more durable or have a different coating designed to withstand the rigors of police use. For example, it might feature a tougher, more corrosion-resistant finish.
  5. Trigger:
    • Some Police Special models might have a different trigger pull, optimized for law enforcement preferences. This could mean a smoother double-action pull or a more defined single-action break.
  6. Accessories:
    • Law enforcement packages often include additional accessories such as extra magazines, duty holsters, and cleaning kits, which may not be standard with civilian purchases.
  7. Import Restrictions:
    • Some Police Special models may bypass certain import restrictions or modifications required for civilian, models, as they are intended for law enforcement use.

Overall, while the core mechanics and design of the Beretta 92FS Police Special are similar to the standard 92FS, the differences lie in the details that cater to the specific needs and preferences of law enforcement agencies.

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