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Find high-grade Rifle Ammunition at Grendel Ammo! where you will discover a wide variety of popular calibers such as .223, .308,  5.56mm, .270 Rifle Ammo, and more.  Find the  Ammo you are looking for at Sportsman’s Guide and save BIG! Buy rifle ammo sizes
Check out this article by Ron Spomer on why bullet weight and shape can be important in your shooting- “Does Bullet Weight Matter?” The Guide Outdoors is your outlet for the greatest outdoor tips. If you want to know a little more about how ammunition fires, check out “Rifling Twist Rates & Bullets”. Perhaps you’re wondering about the optimal round for deer hunting, read “Best Deer Cartridge”. Also, don’t forget to check out our Guide Outdoors Ballistics Charts at Grendel Ammo.

Rifle bullets can be separated into two general types: jacketed or solid. Jacketed bullets are constructed of a metal jacket (aka sleeve) and a core. The most common metals used for jackets are gilding metal (i.e., copper alloy) or copper-plated soft steel. A lead score is most often pressed into the jacket. Buy Mossberg guns online at Top Gun Deals