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Best Revolvers for Hunters

Best revolver. One of the biggest advancements in firearms was repeating firearms. They were the first successful repeating handguns, and even today, the basic design has remained the same. A revolving cylinder is fitted into the frame with a handle on the bottom. That cylinder has holes drilled in which the charges or cartridges are fitted. This cylinder turns on a pivot pin in the center to align each hole in the cylinder in turn with the barrel and the firing mechanism.

The first recorded revolver is an 8-shot, manually rotated, flintlock revolver made in 1597. It belonged to the officer Georg von Reichwein from Hessen in Germany. It’s a very interesting piece of the gun building but didn’t catch on.

The modern design revolver has been around since 1830 when Sam Colt was bored while crossing the ocean on a slow boat and carved out a wooden model of revolvers. He is arguably said to have invented the modern revolver with that model. By 1836, he was producing the Colt Patterson, named for Patterson, N.J. where he made the guns. A neat feature of this gun was that the trigger was hidden inside the frame until the gun was cocked.

Colt made a huge mistake when he dismissed an idea from one of his gunsmiths, Rollin White. White had an idea of a “bored-through” revolver cylinder to allow the use of metallic cartridges in a handgun. After Colt fired White for daring to suggest an improvement to his revolver design, White took his idea to Smith & Wesson. They patented his invention and blocked Colt from building cartridge firearms for almost 20 years.

It was that concept—drilled-through cylinders to allow the use of pre-loaded cartridges—that launched the revolver into what we see as the modern design. Of course, there have been a multitude of improvements and changes, but if you put a revolver from today next to one from the late eighteen hundreds it is easy to tell they are the same species.

The Smith and Wesson Model 1 was the first revolver to use self-contained cartridges. Later, in 1873 after the patent ran out, Colt introduced the Single Action Army pistol, perhaps the most famous revolver in history. It’s the gun that inspired the epitaph; “God created men, Col. Colt made them equal.”

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